Philosophy and Code of Practice 哲學和守則

Philosophy of the Hong Kong Enterostomal Therapists Association

The Hong Kong Enterostomal Therapists Association (HKETA) is a nursing professional organization devoted to promote, enhance and share with other multidisciplinary teams the expertise knowledge of Enterostomal Therapy in the provision of quality patient care. We maintain that Enterostomal Therapists(ET’s) are qualified nurses who possess specialized Enterostomal Therapy qualification recognized locally and internationally.

  • ET’s are experts in the provision of care to clients with abdominal stomas, fistulas, draining wounds, incontinence, decubitus and vascular ulcers.
  • ET’s are responsible to provide holistic care in order to expedite the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well beings of clients with special needs, both in the hospital and community.
  • ET’s are committed to promote the Enterostomal Therapy nursing by participating in research and educational training, setting and monitoring the standards of care.
  • ET’s act competently as consultants to all who are interested and involved in the Enterostomal Therapy.
  • ET’s are responsible to continuously enrich their personal and professional  development in order to ever improve the Enterostomal Therapy.
  • ET’s are dedicated to share experience and knowledge with other health care

Code of Practice

  • ET acts to promote and safeguard the rights, interests and well-being of the clients.
  • ET provide the Enterostomal Therapy service with respect for the clients’ belief, values, customs and uniqueness; unconditioned by the clients’ race, colour, sex, age, social status and the nature of the health problem.
  • ET maintains confidentiality of the client’s personal information and shares with others only that information relevant to his/her care.
  • ET provides the client with all relevant informations about the choice of appliances available and its suitability to the client’s need without prejudice. He/She should bear in mind the need and requirement of the client in the choice of appliances.
  • ET when participating in ‘trial’ of a product should be under no obligation to persuade the client or him/herself to use the product. He/she avoids the use of professional qualifications in the promotion of commercial products.
  • ET refuse to accept any gift, favour or hospitality which might influence the fulfilment of roles.
  • ET keeps accurate records on all clients consultation in order to maintain an integral part of the service.
  • ET is personally accountable for his/her professional practice and judgement and should recognize any limits of personal knowledge and skill. He/she takes steps to solve any relevant deficits through the collaborative work among the health care team in order to meet the needs of the clients.
  • ET must uphold and develop own knowledge, skill and competence by keeping in aligment with new developments, theory and practice of enterostomal therapy care. He/she must maintain high standard of care and professional conduct at all times.