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2023 (Vol. 29)

Use of wound dressings to facilitate prevention of medical device related pressure injury in ears by Ms Pun Man Kei, Mr Chong Hin Moon and Ms Wan Yin Ping

2022 (Vol. 28.1)

Sharing on Tele-stoma care in local experience by Ms Pang Yuk Kam


Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) can make a great different for split thickness skin graft (STSG) Wounds by Ms Ngan Hau Lan


Vol 27.1Pressure Injury Prevention in Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Experience Sharing from Queen Mary Hospital Adult Intensive Care Unit

An experiment on the safety of using prophylactic dressing to prevent N95 mask induced pressure injury
Su, Ka Cheung

Shum, Wing Yee Wendy


Vol 26.2An Extraordinary Educational Trip to TokyoSit, Tin Yan Cecilia
Vol 26.1
Experience of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy over Sternal Wound Healing: A Retrospective Review
Ho Wai Sze


Vol 23.3Pressure Injury – Evolution and ChallengesLaw Siu Ming Susan


Vol 17.1Management of neck stoma – A case studyJ. W. S. Lam


Vol 16.3Management of patients with lower leg venous ulcer – Case sharingNgan Hau Lan
Vol 16.2Effectiveness of gastrostomy feeding in children with severe development disabilitiesLo Chui Han, Carol
Vol 16.1Fistula wound managementWong Ka Wai


Vol 15.2Ulcer Stages revised by NPUAP (壓瘡的階段)NPUAP (美國國家壓瘡諮詢委員會)
Vol 15.1A reflection on enterostomal therapy nursing in Hong KongLai Chi Keung, Peter


Vol 14.2The effectiveness of compression treatment in one of the leg ulcer clinics in Hong KongCheng Siu Wah, Winnie
Vol 14.1An exploratory study in sexuality among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses in Hong KongLam C. P.


Vol 13.3Case report: management of high exudated lipodermatosclerosis with negative pressure and polarization light therapy Michelle Wai Kuen Lee
Vol 13.2Evaluation of pressure relieving devices in a rehabilitative hospital Chung Tak Ki
Vol 13.1Functional constipation in children Frances Shit


Vol 12.3The first APETNA congress: Three years of waiting and a step forward
Vol 12.2A case study on leg ulcerLaw Choi Kuen &
Winnie Cheng
Vol 12.1Gastrostomy care in childrenLo Chui Han, Carol


Vol 11.3Fungal burn wound infection & intensive care unit: a case report and review of current management strategiesLai Chi Keung, Peter
Vol 11.2Applying evidence base guideline to the management of venous leg ulcerSusan Law
Vol 11.1A counselling program for the new ostomistsCheng Siu Wah, Winnie


Vol 10.3Case study – Management of gastrostomy above tracheostomyLee Wai Kuen
Vol 10.2Management principle of venous leg ulcer (Part II)Dr. Tse Cheuk Wa &
Dr. Tang Lap Fai
Vol 10.1Management principle of venous leg ulcer (Part I)Dr. Tse Cheuk Wa &
Dr. Tang Lap Fai


Vol 9.2Refeeding of chymus into a high-output jejunostomyHo Hung Kwan
Vol 9.1Cloacal exstrophy – A big challenge to health care professionalsHo Wai Yi


Vol 8.1HKETA Newsletter
The first ETNEP in China


Vol 7.3Nursing care of continent urinary diversionsSoethantheo Wenita Wahjun
Vol 7.2Bladder dysfunction in children with nocturnal enuresisFrances Sit
Vol 7.1Re-feeding of chymusTse Many Kwan


Vol 6.4A case study on the nursing management of cancerous woundSusan Law
Vol 6.3The Malone antegrade colonic enema in the management of intractable fecal incontinence in childrenFrances Sit
Vol 6.2Understanding wound infectionPang Chak Hau
Vol 6.1Peristomal Skin Problem (Part II)Winnie Cheng


Vol 5.4Peristomal Skin Problem (Part I)Winnie Cheng
Vol 5.3Stoma(l) ComplicationsLee Wai Kuen
Vol 5.2Vascular leg ulcer and its management (Part II)
Urge incontinence and its management
Lalisa Cho
Ambar Lam
Vol 5.1Vascular leg ulcer and its management (Part I)Lalisa Cho


Vol 4.4Colostomy irrigation
Management of pressure ulcer (Part II)
Chau Lai Ping, Grace
Pang Chak Hau
Vol 4.3Nursing management of pressure ulcer (Part I)
Post-op stoma care and assessment
Pang Chak Hau
Winnie Cheng
Vol 4.2Selection and marking a stoma
Urinary incontinence in female
Tang Siu Fong, Anna
Dr. C. T. Lau
Vol 4.1
Surgical procedures related to stoma formation
Wound classification and documentation
Lee Wai Kuen
Susan Law


Vol 1.1The establishment of Hong Kong Council of Enterostomal Therapists (HKCET)