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Our membership:

Life membership (HKD 1200)
Any full member who pay up a sum of subscription specified in the application form, he/she shall not require to pay annual subscription thereafter.

Full membership (HKD 180/ year; HKD 360/ 2 years)
Any qualified nurse who have taken a Enterostomal Therapist course which is recognised by international organisations (e.g. WCET/ WOCN).

Associated membership (HKD 60/ year; HKD 120/ 2 years)
Any qualified nurses or nurse trainee who interested in enterostomal therapy.

Please read before proceed.



1. 香港造口治療師學會(以下簡稱 “本會” )向會員及參與本會活動之人仕(以下簡稱 “會友” )收集得的 資料一般會用以處理會籍和本會服務的申請或查詢等事宜。
2. 本會不會用足以識辨會友的身分的方式,向其他方面披露所收集得關於會友的資料。
3. 本會不會向任何外界機構透露閣下的個人資料,除非已獲閣下同意,或按法律規定進行,或事前已通知閣下。
4. 當個人資料被收集後,只有被授權之員工能夠查閱。
5. 會友有權要求查閱及改正本會所持有關於會友的個人資料。如會友希望查閱或改正本會所持有關於會友的資料,可與本會聯絡。
6. 為服務各會友,本會會不時將活動及通訊寄予各會友,而各會友有權要求停止收到有關的資訊。
本會將會不斷地作內部檢視,以確保會友的私隱被尊重和保障。如會友對本會的私隱政策及實務有任何查詢,可以致函本會: GPO Box 72958, Kowloon 或電郵下列地址




如會友對本會的私隱政策及實務有任何查詢,可以致函本會: GPO Box 72958, Kowloon

Hong Kong Enterostomal Therapists Association
November, 2003


This is a statement to inform you of your rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
1. Personal information provided by a member or person as an applicant for various activities of the Hong Kong Enterostomal Therapists Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) will be used specifically for the purpose prescribed in the application form (e.g. for application of membership, for enrolment of course, for enquiry of activities related to the Association, etc).
2. The Association will not disclose or transfer the information collected, which may lead to the identification of the applicant, to a third party without prior consent by the applicant.
3. Unless such action is mandatory by law or consented by the applicant, The Association will not disclose or transfer the information collected to a third party.
4. Personal data will be kept confidential and handled only by designated persons of the Association or its appointed agents.
5. An applicant being a data subject has the right to request the Association (data user) to ascertain whether it holds your personal data, to be given a copy, and to apply for correction of the data, if deemed incorrect.
6. The Association may contact the member/ applicant regarding its activities and services. Member/ applicant can inform the Association if he/ she does not wish to receive such information.
The Association may amend this policy from time to time. If major changes are made in the way the Association uses your personal information, the Association will notify you by posting an announcement on its webpage. Application for access to personal data and request for correction of data should be made in writing. Such application or request should be forwarded to the Association at GPO Box 72958, Kowloon or
Hong Kong Enterostomal Therapists Association
November, 2003

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