Wound Care

The Canadian Association of Wound Care

The CAWC is a nonprofit organization of health care professionals, industry participants, patients and caregivers dedicated to the advancement of wound care in Canada.

Journal of Wound Care

Body1 Health Links

Wound Care Institute

National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

Promotes pressure ulcer prevention and management through research, education and public policy. Includes newsletter, position statements, national and international links.

The Wound Healing Society

A nonprofit, international organization of clinical and basic scientific investigators interested in the field of wound healing.

Directory of Wound care Nursing Resources

CEU’s, interesting wound related sites and resources, e.g.: home health liability, centre for locomotion studies (diabetic foot care), HBO


Established as a site for accessing medical evidence in best practice for chronic wounds – offers an interactive onlineforum, summaries of wound care research, online wound journals and links to wound care products and services, manufactuers and organizations.

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