Ostomy Care

International Ostomy Association (IOA)

An organization offering support and education to ostomates. It publishes the Ostomy International Journal and the IOA News.

United Ostomy Association Inc. (UOA)

Offers support services, a youth rally, free information packets, and even a cookbook. This is a good site with plenty of links and information.

United Ostomy Association of Canada

This organization’s web page provides links to related sites and information on ostomies. Includes regional support services and help for ostomy patients.

The J Pouch Group

Dedicated to the ileo-anal anastomosis of “J-Pouch", this site offers information and support for those with Ulcerative Colitis and Familial Polyposis. It has discussion groups, success stories, links and more.

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (FOW-USA)

Information & Membership

Ostomy Association of Boston

French Association of ETs

(External Links are not endorsed by HKETA- Recommended Only). We invite you to send us the web address of any useful or interesting site that you find on the web.

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